Hey sweerie... I'm so excited! 😃 did the home treatment yesterday and all the itchiness is gone! I'm so thankful... be blessed. And the oils smell so divine! 😘I'll definitely text if smth comes up ☺ You saved my scalp 😂


I have to tell you. My scalp has been itching, esp along the hair line. I used the hair growth blend yesterday. My scalp stopped itching almost immediately. So happy. Having some peace right now.


Since I started using the oils I have noted amazing changes. 1. Dryness of my hair and scalp no more 2. Texture of my hair has really improved 3. Has boosted the growth of hair especially around the hairline 4. Works so well as a hot oil mixed with other treatments or by its own… Continue reading Esla Salon

Esla Salon

Hi Aly, I just wanted to thank you for saving my hair. I've had dandruff for the last two years even days after visiting the salon. I've tried all types of oils but nothing, my hair would be tough a few days after relaxing until I got the Sallah Oils. And the smell is so… Continue reading Maureen