Hi! I’m Alytah but please call me Aly.

I’ve had long hair for most of my life and I never really knew much about hair care products until 2 years ago when I cut my hair short. Having short hair was quite a shock and needless to say, I regretted my cut immediately I looked into the mirror. And that moment was when Sallah Oils was conceptualised.

It took me until last year to do my research and come up with my test products. As with everything else in life, my first few tries weren’t so good. I tried them on myself as well as my friends and family for months. I’d like to thank everyone who endured my clumsy attempts until those attempts yielded tangible proof that I’d finally made something special. And that’s when my concept became real.

In October 2016 I began selling my oils to friends and family and by December I was getting calls from clients asking to purchase my oils. I feel that that is the moment Sallah Oils truly became my passion.

Now I have clients from all over the country trusting and buying Sallah Oils and you should too.