Plaiting too tight

Hello hello,

We’ve been chatting alot about Good Hair Care Practises but this week I’d like to talk about Bad hair care practices and today we’ll specifically chat about plaiting way too tight.

Alot of my clients seem to believe that plaiting makes your hair grow and plaiting really tight makes hair grow faster. This is false.

Plaiting is really meant to protect and maintain your length. It helps reduce damage and breakage caused by constant manipulation as well as minimize the amount of time required for daily hair care routines such as detangling and styling.

Plaiting tightly can cause severe hair damage as strands will be pulled out or broken. This in turn causes hair loss commonly known as traction alopecia which unfortunately can be permanent. Traction alopecia can also be caused by tight ponytails as well as attaching hair pieces on the same area, usually the hairline, over a long period of time.

If you do end up with really tight braids or cornrows, here are afew tips to try out.

Gently massage the exposed scalp area. This pulls the hair from the plait to loosen the braids or cornrows. It’s best to let someone else do it though so you don’t get carried away and end up destroying your new do.

To loosen the plaits you can also insert a small smooth cylindrical object such as a pencil in the center of each braid or along your cornrows. The smaller the plait the thinner the object to be used.

Take a shower immediately after plaiting. This will reduce the lifespan of your braids but it’s much better to think about retaining your hairline than how long your do will last. Get in the shower and let cold water run over your head for instant relief and then switch to warm water to encourage elasticity of your hair shaft thus easing the tension. As the warm water flows through your hair, you can apply a moisturizing conditioner and then rub your scalp gently while rinsing it out. When you’re done, pat with a towel and then allow your hair to dry naturally.

Alternatively, place a warm towel wet with hot water on your tight areas, get into a salon steamer or stand in a closed off bathroom with a hot shower running. This works just like a warm shower without the getting wet part.

Live in conditioners straighten the hair and reduce the tightness. Moderately applying a leave in will help. Use too much of it though and it will make your scalp oily which may in turn cause itching afterwards.

You can also use a braid spray which relieve tight plaits by softening the hair. As a plus, braid sprays can also relieve itching caused by plaiting.

Prevention is the best option! Let your hair stylist know that her braids or cornrows are too tight during the plaiting process and say no to anyone who tells you the tighter it is, the better for you.

If your tight plaiting is causing hair loss, try out our BLOOMING ECSTACY Hair Growth Blend. It’s great for strengthening the hair root and boosting growth.


Let us know what you’d like us to chat about by leaving a comment and we’ll do our best to give you helpful information.

That’s it for this week.

Have a fabulous day and remember YOUR HAIR IS YOUR BEST ACCESSORY!


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